Goro Sasaki


I often draw and sketch just for fun,however,drawing is the essence and an integral element of all art works.

  • "Mail Bow and Bulletin Board"
  • "A view from J's Backyard" Schmincke on Strathmore paper
  • "J's Father's Red Wheelbarrow"Schmincke on Strathmore paper
  • "Ray Charles" Ball-Point pen on paper
  • Figure drawing 1,Sumi ink on paper,10min.
  • Drawing on campus 2,Staedtler Pigment Liner on paper,25min.
  • Drawing on campus 1,ball-point pen on Fabriano sketch book,30min.
  • Figure drawing 2,graphite on paper,15min.
  • Red and Green,2015
  • morning glory,2014
  • country road,2014
  • 「下町の猫」
  • "Edward Hopper" ball-point pen on paper
  • "banjo player"watercolor on paper
  • "dried rose" watercolor on paper
  • "water lily" watercolor on Molesukine
  • "san francisco" ball-point pen on moleskine
  • "elephant" ball-point pen on moleskine
  • "Joseph Cornell's Parrot"Watercolor on paper
  • "かめりあ丸"watercolor on paper
  • "bathtub" ball-point pen and coffee on paper
  • "Higashiyama zoo" watercolor pencil on paper
  • "menta"colored pencil onpaper
  • "bokuju" sumi ink on newspaper
  • "body builder"ball-point pen and acrylic on paper
  • "pod" watercolor on paper
  • "matisse in his studio" ball-point pen on paper
  • "chicago 1941" ball-point pen on paper
  • "higashiyama zoo,nagoya" watercolor on paper
  • "father and daughter" watercolor on paper
  • "my side of the matter,capote" watercolor pencil and watercolor on paper
  • "home Pasadena" pen and coffee on paper
  • "landscape 1" watercolor on paper
  • "ace scout"watercolor and bookmark