Goro Sasaki

亜米利加物語 detective stories and retro american scenes

  • ペンシルベーニア駅(Kosaten 49号表紙)
  • Bay City Blues
  • cover for "Ko sa ten" mag.
  • "San Francisco" Kosaten 2012年夏号表紙。
  • "A counter in a hamburger stand" group exhibition
  • "Times Square by night" cover for CNN English Express,Feb.2012
  • "Hollywood station" cover for JI mag.
  • "Brick wall" exhibition piece,unpublished
  • "Hudson river" cover for brochure
  • "Thompson's"
  • "Metro North" 「週間ダイヤモンド」さし絵
  • "Mysterious Rendezvous" exhibition piece
  • "the happenings" unpublished
  • "barrel of fun" unpublished
  • "oliver steet on the lower east side" unpublished
  • "after twenty years" unpublished
  • spot for mystery mag.